Our Delicious Story
138 East is ready to take you for a savory experience. Swing by at the jazziest retro cafe in town and treat yourself to the most scrumptious dishes
Lamb Shank
Seafood in Oyser Sauce

Featured Delicacies

Fresh From the Oven

Beef Ribs

BDT 1550+

Extra slow cooked, fall of the bone beef ribs served with mashed potato and green vegetables

Mexican Pizza

BDT 810+

Smoked chicken in spicy tomato sauce on thin crust pizza, with vibrant bell peppers, corn & black olives.

Tex-Mex Fries

BDT 480+

Crispy fries with roasted chicken, chipotle mayo topping & grilled house cheese blend

Beef Stroganoff Fusilli Pasta

BDT 790+

Mushrooms and beef in a creamy rich sauce over fusilli pasta

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